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Producer, Facilitator, Administrator

Taylor Ybarra (he/him) creates space for curiosity and justice so that we may, collectively, set sail toward liberation. Pulling from the intersectionality of his own identities as well as learned perspective, he cultivates accessible, inclusive, antiracist and equitable spaces.




Personal Statement

01 | Creator + Host

Antiracist Artist Podcast

  • Shepherded this podcasting and learning community from ideation to a successfully operating entity.

  • Leading a team of editors and administrators.

  • Producing a bi-weekly podcast with guests ranging from Tony Award winners and Broadway stars to leaders of institutional nonprofits.

  • Creating and facilitating public workshops around antiracist learning and skill building, growing a strong community around the project.



02 | Community Partnership Coordinator

Long Wharf Theatre

  • Bolstered the Tony Award winning regional theatre’s Community Partnership efforts in a time of transition and evolution.

  • Championed a mission steeped in core values of radical inclusion, artistic innovation, and meaningful connection.

  • Built and maintained partnerships with organizations and individuals throughout the greater New Haven area.

  • Produced programming and led events and conversation.

  • Facilitated the New Haven Play Project, a public work of theatre.

  • Led the department’s marketing efforts.

  • Coordinated production logistics.

  • Worked with the Development department to secure funding + partners.

  • Expanded box office sales.

  • Sat on and contributed to the theatre’s core Strategy Team.


03 | Founder + Lead Producer


Subito Politico Productions, LLC

A production company founded to provide a platform for the creation of politically, socially and culturally conscious art, while giving artists from marginalized communities the support to share their voices & perspectives.

  • Produced a reading of an established musical at Pearl Studios NYC, leading a diverse creative team of 10 and cast of 23.

  • Produced an original, multimedia series advocating for the spread of empathy and love, including a production team of 13 and a large group of guest artists ranging from established TV and Broadway stars to an up-and-coming dance company.

  • Continually developing new projects and social initiatives.

04 | Associate

Creative Endeavor Office

Supported the office of two Broadway producers.

  • Produced an emerging writers salon and searched for new artists to commission/work with.

  • Liaised with general management and legal offices.

  • Assisted drafting a company website and marketing plan.

  • Attended industry readings and events  on behalf of the company.

  • Scheduling and communication management.


Core Competencies

  • Community organizer;

  • Team building and management;

  • Public speaking, storytelling and communication;

  • Crafting cultures rooted in anti-oppression;

  • Cultivating empathy in communication;

  • Self-starter;

  • Strong organic marketer;

  • Reliable;

  • Storyteller;

  • Highly organized;

  • Exceptional systems creator;

  • Graphic design in Procreate + Canva;

  • Microsoft Suite, Google Suite, Airtable,  Trello, Slack & CRM + ticketing software.

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