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Updated: May 18, 2020

  • Start a Blog.

  • Create an exercise regimen.

  • Begin a relationship with (that Casting Director/Publisher/Hiring Manager/etc.).

  • Reconnect with a lost friend.

Why is it so much easier to take action on things that don't matter or hold less significance to the values of my life (i.e. responding to superfluous emails, cleaning the kitchen, and other mundane items to be checked off the list)?

Why does it take a fierce internal battle to accomplish that first step in a series that may very well make a meaningful impact?

I don't know.

What I do know are the feelings of accomplishment, connectivity to purpose, and fulfillment that come, not when I vacuum the floor, but when I take a bold stride in the direction of my avenue of impact. Those strides don't have to be as large as submitting a manuscript, opening a show, or being able to have something very large-scale to point at and easily articulate to others, "Look, I did it!" No. These strides can be small, undetectable-to-the-outside-world's-eye moments of accomplishment.

The key is to celebrate even these small steps, when they truly are in service to our higher impact. The key is to recognize and maintain the momentum of these achievements, so that we can make a habit out of this progress. Large tasks can be daunting and overwhelming. Start with what you can do about it now.

  • [Start a Blog.] Open up your computer and begin writing [this] one blog post.

  • [Create an exercise regimen.] Put on your running shoes, and make it at least to the end of the block.

  • [Begin a relationship with (that Casting Director/Publisher/Hiring Manager/etc.).] Write a post card to them, introducing yourself and your work.

  • [Reconnect with a lost friend.] Send them a text, letting them know you're thinking about them today.

First blog post [check].

Four For Further Fun:

(At the end of each blog post, I will include four things that have had a strong impact for me in the area of the post's discussion)

A Book- Better Than Before | Gretchen Rubin's book is a must-read for those wanting help in crafting and maintaining beneficial habits, and letting go of the ones that don't serve us.

A Book- Uncertainty | Jonathan Fields writes about harnessing doubt, fear, and uncertainty, and using it to propel oneself into deeper creativity and excavation of meaning.

A Podcast Episode- Akimbo Season 2 Episode 16: Thrash Now (and ship early) | One of my favorite podcasts, Seth Godin constantly drops nuggets of wisdom and inspiration in Akimbo, and this episode is no exception. He uses the term 'shipping' and describes the value of taking action and getting your ideas out into the world.

A Planner- My Infinite Agenda | Founded by a former classmate and Broadway actress, My Infinite Agenda is a wonderful tool to help keep yourself accountable to your goals and steps to achieving them. I bought one a while back and love it, and now it has been recently chosen as one of Ellen DeGeneres's Favorite Things.

*I have not been compensated to promote any of these resources. They are all things that I recommend based on their impact in my own experience, and hope that you may find use in them as well. Enjoy!*


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