Abstract Watercolor Drawing
Abstract Watercolor Drawing

To create access in and to the arts, in order to cultivate empathy and kindness in our communities

I am an artist, a producer,

and an advocate among many things. 

I studied at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts,

where I received my BFA in Drama with a Minor in Producing.

I love to create. I have been creating for as long as my memory dates back. 


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Community Partnership Coordinator, Long Wharf Theatre


Bolstered the Tony Award winning regional theatre’s Community Partnership efforts in a time of transition and evolution. Supported a mission steeped in core values of radical inclusion, artistic innovation, and meaningful connection championing efforts of access to build a greater institution with, by, and for the people of New Haven.

Founder & Lead Producer, Subito Politico Productions, LLC


Founded to provide a platform for the creation of politically, socially and culturally conscious art. Past projects include a reading of an established musical at Pearl Studios NYC, and an original, multimedia series advocating for the spread of empathy and love. Continually developing new projects and social initiatives.

Founding Executive Director, SPARC


SPARC: Subito Politico Artists’ Retreat Collective is a 2-week, all-inclusive retreat granted to early-career, historically marginalized and underrepresented artists who may not otherwise have access to such resources to create new work. By providing the resources of the retreat, we encourage work made by and about diverse groups and individuals, telling authentic stories to bring our larger communities closer in connection, empathy, and understanding. Fiscally sponsored by the New York Theatre Barn.

Recent Work


I work to have a positive social, political and

empathetic impact on the communities that I am a part of. ​


I thank everyone who has had a helping hand in getting me to where I am today.

Also, to all of you, the people who will help me get to tomorrow; I couldn't do it without you.


Thank you for being a part of my story.

Created a community of listeners, learners and engagers to examine the intersection of artistry and antiracism work. Hosting bi-weekly episodes, monthly workshops and continual community conversation, I am leading a team of folx in this pursuit to make our world more equitable, inclusive, accessible and antiracist through artistry. Join us and listen to episodes at AntiracistArtist.com!


Sharing Thoughts

Sharing Resources

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